Ready To Leave


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released February 3, 2015

All songs written, arranged, and performed by EARL GREY.

Additional vocals on "Bad Weeds" by Christopher Van Vleet of HOPES.

Mastered, Mixed and Recorded by Simon Yildirim at Karma Recordings.



all rights reserved


EARL GREY Mönchengladbach, Germany

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Track Name: November
These nights, they made me think
of what this life means to me
I have to get up and prove that I'm
more than just another boy
who has dreams of who he wants to be
I don't even know who I am
but I know that there is
more than this

Sometimes I ask myself
if things will ever change

Some nights, I wonder
if there's a place for me
This time, I promise
that you'll be proud of me
Track Name: Paths
You know the reasons why
and I won't refuse, no I won't deny
that I'm there, I'm always there for you
but would you please, oh please
just help me through this

Thoughts remain
but I don't feel the same way
as I did back in the day
when I was ready to leave
and you begged me to stay
I don't need
your selfishness and greed
This isn't all about you
and the paths that you chose
Always willing to fight
never willing to lose

Tell me now
Do you want this?
I can't deal with your problems
This time I won't forgive
fucks sake, I was just a kid
But now that things have changed
I'm pretty sure I know
you never ever meant
a single word you said

I can't get through to you

I guess I'm just a face without a name
and you're the one to blame
that things will never be the same
Did I mean anything to you?
Please keep in mind
I once looked up to you

Do what you love
don't be afraid
let's talk about it
Just be yourself
hope for the best
and move on
Track Name: Bad Weeds (Ft. Christopher Van Vleet)
Saying goodbye was such a bad idea
I thought I had it all but now I'm sitting here
and now I'm done, finding strenght in almost everthing
I still got these fucked up problems trying to fall asleep

Every time I think of you I die inside
My world turns upside down

I almost forgot what mattered most
and I'm so fucking tired

You are the door that keeps me outside
Can't find the key but I know I've tried

Bad weeds grow tall

As I roam the streets you used to walk by my side
I realized that all the words you said were a lie
and the fucked up kid I am fears to sleep at night
because I can't forget you even though I know I have tried.
Track Name: 41844
Let's reflect all these days
when the only thing we had to care about
was not being caught smoking cigarettes
at our place in the woods
I was fifteen and I thought
that this world was ours
Just think of all the
stupid shit we've done

Although we hated this place back then
I sometimes like to come back
and walk these streets like we used to

I remember when we started our first band
We had a dream that would stay
I still chase it everyday
We didn't care what people said
though we were shit we loved to play
these songs that made us happy
and I still listen to them today

Let's drive this car as far as the gas tank can get us
and let's pretend we're the only people in this world

My youth is something I no longer regret
I can't sleep, I can't dream
got no place to rest my head
There's a weight on my shoulders
that I cannot bear
Things are getting better
I swear that it's true