The Times You Cross My Mind


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released July 21, 2017

All songs written, arranged, and performed by EARL GREY.
Recorded between July/December 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Sean Duddy.
Mastered by Seb Barlow.



all rights reserved


EARL GREY Mönchengladbach, Germany

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Track Name: Nothing
You never knew me well
You knew my body not my face
I know I'm just a
Trophy you put in your shelf
Yet I was tongue tied
Rebuild and renew
You never gave me
Just one chance
To make right
To make all of this pass by
I never wanted to hate
All the things you do
Don't say you care
Don't say you fucking love me
When you stabbed me in the back
Like I was nothing

Locked in a haze
With this bitter fucking taste
That runs down my throat
Down to fix my frown in this life
I'll never make it right
With your knife in my back
It kills me because I

Feel week, nosebleed
Can't sleep a whole week
Get high, pass by
Tonight I could die

Feel week, nosebleed
Can't sleep a damn week
Get high, pass by
Sometimes I wish you'd die
Track Name: Never Sleep
Sometimes you cross my mind
And when you do I feel blue
Nothing makes me feel alright
Deep down I hope that time will tell
Who was right and who was wrong
And why I am the way I am
Unsure in every way
Took my confidence
Couldn't resist I had to pay
At least I'm not half as weak
As the mess that you pretend to be

Drowning in this sea of grief
I've lost myself in apathy
Train rides, losing time
Watch the world pass by
Never thought it would come to this
I never wanted to be like this
Getting high all the time
That's my life in your eyes
Just cut me some slack

Time and patience
Always got the best of me
Will always be a test for me
Stay in bed and just forget

Writing postcards to fix what is broken
Burning bridges to find what is lost
Don't change, they'll change
You're on your own
Judging pain by the size
Of one's battle scars
Is as ruthless as you were
When you forgot that I was there for you
When no one was
Track Name: Snake Hips
Memory of her
In times I prefer
Cannot forget
It's locked in my head
The time that we spent
The places we went
I still fucking taste
The wine that we drank
Photo of us
That I have lost ages ago
Still in my head
Dying to find what I left behind
Snake hips so drenched and dull

Picking up lentils
Finding a safe place
Getting so high
Sleeping on crates
Looking for lentils
Our only place
Getting so fucked
Living in a cave

You sleep on crates
While I'm wide awake
Sleeping on crates
While I'm wide awake

Saw someone today
Who looked a lot like you
I wish I stayed
Track Name: Sink
Too slow for time that flies
I see myself with different eyes
And I watch my friends as they go mad
About the things that I just said
Don't want to be an asshole

As I grow old
Life grinds me up
Tears me down
Turns a smile into a frown
I swallow time and keep letting go
Of all that's mine
I once swam
But now I'm going under

Every drop
So desperate
As it runs down my chin
Don't want to go under
I try but cannot swim
Afraid of going under

I think of me
Thirty years ahead
It can't be worse than being dead
The lucky one's die in their sleep
The other one's stay here to bleed
Track Name: Hollow
The flesh that covers bone
The mind inside
Sometimes a soul
And nothing happens but life drives mad
The people here are already dead
I clear my mind with death in sight
And all the things I've left behind
Are present now
As I see lifeless eyes
Watching me
Surrounding me

I'm hollow as the words you speak
So tenderly I'm flattered
Every night
Restless eyes watching me
Always ignoring everything and everyone
Around me
That's how I like to deal with things

Still got hope to carry on
Not to lay my neck
On the railroad tracks
Your job, your wife
Your husband, your shit life
Still got home to carry on
Get me through this
Just get me through this

I lie wide awake
While the mad men sleep
Because I try to forget
What my mind tries to keep
While all the fear
Of wasted years
Laughs between my toes